Using the data from the weather stations in your school

Data from weather stations is a valuable resource. This manual will take you through how to download the data, what variables have been recorded in your datasheet and some ideas on how you can use this data in the classroom.

Climate Change: From challenges to opportunities

This booklet aims to increase public awareness of Climate Change by demystifying Climate Change using scientific evidence. We hope to inform South Africans of some of the Climate Change uncertainties, risks and opportunities they may be exposed to. Most importantly, readers will obtain insights on how they may mitigate and adapt to Climate Change-related challenges and opportunities.

Ocean Literacy Principles

“Ocean literacy is an understanding of the ocean’s influence on you – and your influence on the ocean.”

Marine Science Education

Learn about different marine science careers and South Africa’s incredible marine biodiversity in English and isiXhosa

World Ocean Day

On World Oceans Day, we celebrate and honour our ocean, which connects us all. People all around our blue planet get together to start creating a better future.

Tidal Territories

Learn about the animals that live on the rocky shore in the intertidal zone in this interactive program.

Biomes of South Africa

The South African Environmental Observation Network (SAEON) in keeping abreast with changes in technology and pedagogy has developed an e-learning programme on the Biomes of South Africa for grade 10 Life Science aligned to the South African Curriculum Assessment and Policy Statements(CAPS).

GIS eLearning

The South African Environmental Observation Network (SAEON) presents this free Geographic Information System (GIS) eLearning material. The training material includes QGIS and Google Earth tutorials. This free online learning programme on GIS is also aligned to the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) and will be useful to Geography Educators and organisations involved in environmental science education training.